Our bespoke ceramic wall art design service

Nov 1, 2022

An insight into the Design Service we offer for our porcelain wall installation artwork…

Here at Elizabeth Prince Ceramics, we understand that creating the perfect artwork for a space sometimes requires a little planning. We can bridge the gap between choosing something you love, and making sure that what you love looks great in your space, with our design service.

My interior design background helps when it comes to creating bespoke art pieces for homes, corporate spaces and the hospitality sector. I worked as an interior designer for 8 years before I started to sell my artwork full time. I have adapted the skills I learned in my former career to work with what I now create as an artist, creating tailored artwork, plans and layouts for individual spaces.

Choosing wall art isn’t always easy…

I know that when I buy artwork for my home, I consider it really carefully, and it takes me time. Choosing badly can be costly as well as disappointing! One of the most common mistakes people make when choosing artwork is when they have the wrong sized piece for a space. Even the best work doesn’t look good if it’s too small or in the wrong position. Quite often, finding artwork that’s the right scale for the space means scouring through all kinds of art and design websites. What if, instead, you simply handed over the dimensions or sent a simple image of your space and artwork was designed to fit it perfectly? That’s where we can help. Myself and my team can guide you through with ease when it comes to choosing the artwork that’s right for your space. We can work remotely with you and we offer this service worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you live! 

We don’t need a fancy picture of your space, simply send us a quick image along with the dimensions, even before any new decor is installed, to help you visualise the artwork. Take a look at an example below – working from the client’s image before renovation work started, we sketched on the work (the white dots) to design the artwork and make installation easier.





What if I don’t know what artwork I want?

Some people are amazing at choosing the perfect decor for their space, but not everyone knows how to choose artwork and not everybody has time. 

As part of our design service we can work with you to create bespoke installation artwork in our sculptural and artistic style, creating a piece that fits your style, colour palette, budget, room size and shape. Once we have initially chatted through your ideas we can simply make a suggestion or create a scaled image of bespoke artwork to fit your interior. We have over 20 years experience in art and interiors and can work with you to make sure that you’ll be delighted when the work arrives.

I’m not great at installing artwork, any tips?

We have tonnes of experience at this and are more than happy to guide you each step of the way. That includes one of the most important parts – the install! Our ceramic wall sculptures are easy to install, and we have lots of tips and tricks to help to make it even easier. A design plan can show you clearly how the artwork should be placed, along with fitting instructions. Will you have a fitter installing this for you? We’re happy to liaise with them if you would prefer, and we are of course available to talk you through things, should you need that.

We do offer a fitting service to some locations. If you would like to know more about our fitting service, get in touch or take a look at us in action here

How does the design service work?

    • Let us know which artwork you like
    • Send us the dimensions and a few images of the space you want to fill
    • We can work with you to transform your space
    • We will send you a scaled image of the artwork within your interiors
    • Once you’re happy we will begin creating your bespoke artwork
    • When the artwork is complete we will package it and ship it to you

Our mission is to bring beautiful, well considered, installation artwork to domestic and commercial spaces. If you would like to discuss your space, please click here to get in touch and let us know what your project goals are. We’d love to work with you! Want to know what other people thought of our design service? Check out some of our testimonials here.

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